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America Vol. 2: Fast and Fuertona

Tome 2: Fast and Fuertona
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Collects America (2017) #7-12.

It begins with the story you've been waiting for: the origin of America Chavez! But everyone's favorite no-nonsense powerhouse soon meets her match — in the form of the deadly and exotic Exterminatrix! Can America stand against this vile villainess, backed by the full power of the ominous Midas Corporation? America gains all-new but untested abilities — and she'll need them against the oncoming horde! But what does Exterminatrix want with Sotomayor University? With America in lockup, it's up to Prodigy to find out — and that won't be easy when campus queen X'Andria is working for the enemy! As the Midas Corporation reignites a decades-old danger, America's newly discovered home comes under threat — but they're about to learn that you don't mess with a Fuertona. And you definitely don't mess with a Chavez!

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135 Pages
Date de Sortie Papier
11 Avril 2018
Date de Sortie numérique
11 Avril 2018
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12+ Uniquement
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