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Armor Wars: Warzones!

Armor Wars: Warzones!

Armor Wars: Warzones!
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Collects Armor Wars #1-5, Armor Wars #1/2.

Technopolis: an amazing domain of science and wonder created by the visionary genius of brothers Tony and Arno Stark. It's a real-life utopia, save for one fact: Every resident must wear armor to protect them from a deadly disease. But this near-paradise may be shattered forever when one of its few super heroes is murdered! Can Baron Tony and this domain's Thor — a hammer-wielding Jim Rhodes — find out who killed Spyder-Man before Technopolis is plunged into civil war? Wilson Fisk is tightening his iron grip on the city's underbelly — will the Kingpin dethrone a certain genius philanthropist playboy? As the mystery behind the plight of Technopolis unfolds, cracks in Tony's invincible armor are exposed — and the looming crisis could pit brother against brother.

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134 Pages
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27 Janvier 2016
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12+ Uniquement
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