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Belle: Horns of the Minotaur

Belle: Horns of the Minotaur

Belle: Horns of the Minotaur
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Belle is a beast hunter, a legacy passed down from mother to daughter in her family for generations. With that duty she has taken on many different kinds of creatures to protect our world from the unknown, and who equally wanted to end her life. From centaurs, and aurents, to Medusa herself Belle has stood between them and innocent lives. In her past she has even taken on a Minotaur, but this time something is different, and Belle is going to learn a long lost secret about this race of monster, even if it kills her. Stand back but don’t miss this new action-packed issue!

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Nombre de Pages
34 Pages
Date de Sortie Papier
11 Novembre 2020
Date de Sortie numérique
11 Novembre 2020
Âge conseillé
15+ Uniquement
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