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Black Cat Classics No.1

Black Cat Classics #1

Black Cat Classics
Issue #1
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"This book was created at a time when attitudes towards gender, race, and other characteristics were very different from those that prevail today. It contains images and attitudes that may be viewed as insensitive. Reader discretion is advised."

The classic comic series from the 1940's, the Black Cat! The Black Cat was one of the earliest female costumed crime-fighters in the comics, debuting in 1941 in POCKET COMICS. Linda Turner was a Hollywood starlet and former stunt-woman in the early 1940's when she battled her director who she suspected of being a Nazi spy. Donning the outfit of a black cat to take advantage of her opponent's superstitions, she defeated his spy ring and enjoyed herself doing it so much she decided to continue her alternate career as a costumed super heroine - the Black Cat.

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47 Pages
Date de Sortie numérique
8 Octobre 2014
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9+ Uniquement
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