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Captain America Theater of War: Operation Zero-Point

Captain America Theater of War: Operation Zero-Point
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A special covering the length and breadth of the larger-than-life legend of Captain America, as told by the industry’s leading experts in the field! First up, it’s 1944, and wouldn't you know it? Them sneaky Nazis have managed to crack the secrets of electro-magnetic physics…yeah, that's right: apples may fall down in the free world, but schnitzels are falling up in the skies over a mysterious lab in a Polish forest, thanks to a little help from a nearby forced-labor camp. Sure, we could send in the Marines, but why bother when we've got Captain America? But even Cap may be meeting his match against the lab's sadistic cybernetic commandant. Because everyone knows- the only thing worse than a Nazi is a Robot Nazi!

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15 Décembre 2015
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12+ Uniquement
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