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Challengers of the Unknown (1958-1978) #87

Challengers of the Unknown (1958-1978)
Issue #87
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“TWELVE MILLION YEARS TO TWILIGHT.” In 12,000,000 AD, Ace, Rocky and June make a prison break, while Swamp Thing holds back mutants. Back in 1978 Prof is saved from a monster when Red returns, cranks up the lab temperature and cooks the creature, as the Justice League routs the remaining monsters. In the future, the Challs reach the breeder labs and blow them up as Swamp Thing battles the giant Persuader. Lawspeaker—the leader of the rebellion—arrives with the cavalry, his rebel Sky Riders. The Sunset Lords try to destroy the city, but Deadman possesses Rip Hunter to destroy their weapon, and the heroes head home.

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Nombre de Pages
18 Pages
Date de Sortie Papier
5 Juillet 1978
Date de Sortie numérique
25 Avril 2019
Âge conseillé
12+ Uniquement
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