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Claiming His Royal Heir

Claiming His Royal Heir
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Stella Greco’s child, Nicky, is the result of artificial insemination. Stella has no intention of ever bringing the anonymous donor, or any father for that matter, into their lives. Unfortunately, the anonymous donor is Vasco Montoya, King of Montmajor, who is eager to seize this chance to continue his family line without being forced into a marriage. He wants his son in Montmajor, and Stella isn’t willing to give up her child. To compromise, Vasco invites Stella to work restoring ancient texts in the palace library for a month, so she can see what life would be like for her and Nicky. Neither of them ever expected to fall in love, but then, loving a royal isn’t easy.

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15 Février 2017
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1 Mars 2017
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