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Couriers: Complete Collection

Couriers: Complete Collection

Tome : Complete Collection
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Collecting the complete four-volume saga, including the prequel graphic novel, Couscous Express, this epic story from 2002-2005 is the hyper-violent, tongue-in-cheek tale of mercenary bike messengers in New York City who do the jobs no one else will: the black market runs, the smuggling, the hits and the double crosses. THE COURIERS COMPLETE COLLECTION represents the bulk of creator-writer BRIAN WOOD's (DMZ, Demo, The Massive, The X-Men) early-'00s work, and with artwork by ROB G (Teenagers From Mars, REPO, Detective Comics) and BRETT WELDELE (The Surrogates, Southland Tales) it's a crucial addition to any reader's bookshelf.

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Nombre de Pages
337 Pages
Date de Sortie Papier
12 Décembre 2012
Date de Sortie numérique
12 Décembre 2012
Âge conseillé
17+ Uniquement
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