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Creator of Inspiries, Tome 1

Creator of Inspiries, Tome 1

Creator of Inspiries, Tome 1


A huge world inhabited by humans, elves, dwarves, forest maidens and other mystical creatures called the Empire of Light. There are no internal wars and confrontations in this world, because the only enemy of the Empire is the Kingdom of Darkness.
Two parallel worlds exist separately, but once in 30 years, the boundaries of these worlds merge together, and Darkness invades the lands of the Light Empire, destroying everything in its path!
The whole history of these worlds is a confrontation. All creatures of these worlds live their own lives: love, hate, work, fight, create families and enjoy life..
But all the inhabitants of the Empire know, that one day war will come, and every inhabitant hopes to be able to survive the attack of demons.
But nobody knows, that they and their worlds are just MMORPG, created in our world.
The main character, Yamasiro Sato, head of programming department at JKSE, together with his colleagues is developing online MMORPG INSPIRIES. One evening he discovered a strange mistake in the game, and went to his office to understand what the problem.
How quickly he will understand, that their game is a whole, living world, the creator of which he is?