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Crossed: Badlands #10

Crossed: Badlands
Issue #10
(54 évaluations)


Pour adultes uniquement
AVERTISSEMENT: graphic sexuality gore sadistic violence
Two of the most influential and twisted contributors to Crossed, David Lapham and Jacen Burrows, team up for the first time to tell a terrifying tale of misery in "Yellow Belly." Get in on this essential chapter of the Crossed universe here, but remember - once you see this depravity, you can't unsee it. Edmund was a pretty normal high school kid with normal kid problems, obsessions and fears. But when the Crossed outbreak ignites at a local circus he sees a world of color and delight turn to anguish and misery in heartbeat. When every clown and freak is turned into a bloodthirsty geek set upon amusing its basest impulses on the innocent, all you can do is hide and pray.

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Nombre de Pages
24 Pages
Date de Sortie Papier
25 Juillet 2012
Date de Sortie numérique
16 Octobre 2013
Âge conseillé
18+ Uniquement
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