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Cyborg 009 Vol. 7: Preview

Cyborg 009
Tome 7: Preview
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10-Page Preview!
Cyborg009 team is attacked by the advanced Myutos Cyborgs. 003 Francoise is captured by them and only 007 is available to rescue her since the huge Atlas cyborg is attacking the rest of Cyborg009 team underwater in a submarine. The largest and most powerful 005 Geronimo challenges Atlas but he is defeated and loses his right arm and left leg. 006 reports "009 is dead!" who was in a coma... Including chapters "Golden Lion" and "The Phantoma Dog; Kubikuro".
NOTE: This Manga reads right-to-left.

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Nombre de Pages
12 Pages
Date de Sortie Papier
1 Septembre 2004
Date de Sortie numérique
30 Janvier 2013
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12+ Uniquement
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