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Daredevil: Marvel Knights Collection Tome 5

Daredevil: Marvel Knights Collection Vol. 5

Daredevil: Marvel Knights Collection
Tome 5


Collects Daredevil (1998) #66-75.

In GOLDEN AGE, follow Matt Murdock through a story that literally spans the entire history of the Marvel Universe! Who was the Kingpin before the Kingpin, and what was his relationship to Matt? Find out right here, courtesy of the multi-award-winning team of Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev! And in DECALOGUE, the wait is over! Exactly what happened during Daredevil's year-long reign as the new Kingpin? His historic cleaning of Hell's Kitchen will finally be revealed in bloody detail. Framed around the Ten Commandments, this epic story is like nothing you've seen before.

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219 Pages
Date de Sortie numérique
5 Novembre 2020
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12+ Uniquement
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