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Deadpool (2008-2012) #5

Deadpool (2008-2012)
Issue #5
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"HORROR BUSINESS," Part 2 (of 2)
This is what Deadpool has to resort to, only days after single-handedly saving the entire planet from Skrulls? Oh, that's right-nobody knows about that...Deadpool didn't even want this job. But here he is anyway, in some dank corner of Eastern Europe, going toe-to-toe with an undead plastic surgeon and his flesh-eating clientele, contracted by the head of a greasy paramilitary unit to avenge the zombification of the guy's young, ex-model trophy wife -- and all because Wade's dead broke.

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23 Pages
Date de Sortie Papier
17 Décembre 2008
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25 Août 2010
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12+ Uniquement
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