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Dwarves Vol. 15: Oboron of the Shield

Tome 15: Oboron of the Shield
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DWARVES vo1 15

For centuries, the Temple Chaplains have been tracking a line of dwarves with traces of a curse in their blood.
Of the unfortunate ones that fell into their hands, we know nothing, except the rumors of an endless torment that leads them to madness. Death is a one-way trip... At least that's what Oboron thought, until he wakes up at the bottom of a ravine, pierced by a dozen arrows. As he recovers his memory, he understands that his destiny has just changed forever... You can't come back from the afterlife without paying a high price. Oboron has only one goal in mind - to find his own, his family, and protect them from the storm that has been unleashed...

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19 Juin 2019
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15 Janvier 2020
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