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Dwarves Vol. 6: Jorun of the Forge

Tome 6: Jorun of the Forge
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At the age of four, Jorun, the younger son of the infamous Redwin, overturns some molten metal on his face... Disfigured for the rest of its life and jealous of his older brother’s talent, Jorun is consumed by anger. If Ulrog, his older brother, has inherited their father’s gift for the forge, Jorun has only inherited his rage... Unable to control his rebellious son, Redwin entrusts him to a recruiter of the Iron Legion. A company of Dwarven mercenaries, the Legion is a rough band of grizzled fighters who choose to turn their backs on society, whether fleeing tradition, dishonor, or justice...

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66 Pages
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19 Avril 2017
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17+ Uniquement
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