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FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics Vol. 1: The Paradigm Shift

FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics
Tome 1: The Paradigm Shift
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Wormholes in your kitchen. Gravity failures at school. Quantum tornadoes tearing through the midwest. As with all natural disasters, people do what they always do: They adapt and survive. And if things get really bad, the Federal Bureau of Physics (FBP) is only a call away.

FBP: FEDERAL BUREAU OF PHYSICS is the story of Adam Hardy: Young, brash and smart, he's a rising star at the FBP, but when a gravity failure leads to the creation of an alternate dimension known as a ""BubbleVerse,"" Adam is sent on a rescue mission and finds his skills and abilities pushed to their limits when he discovers his partner has a different agenda...

Collects issues #1-7

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162 Pages
Date de Sortie Papier
11 Février 2014
Date de Sortie numérique
25 Février 2014
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17+ Uniquement
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