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Gravediggers (1996) #2

Gravediggers (1996)
Issue #2
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As the Gravediggers' investigation heats up, so does the tension between detectives Marc Cohen and Vinnie Colozzo. Cohen has some crazy ideas about how Jean Colbert was murdered, and the fact that he may be right doesn't cut any ice with Colozzo. With officials at the French Embassy stonewalling, Cohen may not get confirmation of his theories any time soon -- unless he can get someone to talk. Meanwhile, Cohen's relationship with girlfriend Connie takes a turn for the worse. And somewhere in the city, Colbert's killer is waiting...and watching Cohen and Colozzo -- could they be next on his hit parade?

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Nombre de Pages
23 Pages
Date de Sortie Papier
1 Décembre 1996
Date de Sortie numérique
18 Juin 2014
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17+ Uniquement
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