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Hotel Hell

Hotel Hell

Hotel Hell


Married to Gabrielle, pregnant with their first child, and tasked of watching over mankind alongside his best friend Michael, Lucifer was God's favorite archangel. But, fearing The Creator loved humans more than angels, Lucifer and a few others rebelled against the All-Father. Gabrielle and Michael refused to join him.

A war erupted in Heaven, pitting father against son, brother against brother and best friend against best friend. Michael won. Lucifer was banished from paradise and it wasn't long before he begged for God's forgiveness.

However, before allowing him to return to Heaven, God sentenced Lucifer and his allies to ruling Hell, a nearly endless and overcrowded hotel where each room is its guest's worst nightmare, for millennia.

Now, with the Apocalypse just around the corner, Jesus has come to evaluate the Devil's work and Lucifer's grown-up son, Damian, arrives to finally meet his father...