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Iron Squad Vol. 3: Operation Rebalance

Iron Squad
Tome 3: Operation Rebalance
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The forest of Mazurie, in former Poland.
Disguised as SS, an allied Commando squad tries to infiltrate into the very heart of the Reich's most secret base to free Albert Einstein, who has been kidnapped by the Nazis to work on their program of secret weapons. A ragtag group of Allies, these soldiers are tough bastards; hungry wolves ready to sweep down on the enemy... Among them is Jonah Karmann, a young Jewish scientist, whose family was annihilated by the Nazis. He notices that by putting on the uniform of the enemy, they risk becoming just like those they fight. He, more than anyone else, could jeopardize their mission...

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48 Pages
Date de Sortie numérique
2 Mai 2016
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17+ Uniquement
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