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Justice League of America (2006-2011): Team History

Justice League of America (2006-2011): Team History
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A new era begins for the JLA as a one-time member falls before he can warn the team of looming peril — while what's left of the JLA journeys to the heart of their past to decide if the team has any future at all. Also in this volume, the BLACKEST NIGHT darkens the skies over the Justice League. Can the team get it together in time to survive the return of the undead Dr. Light? And then, the team regroups with a new roster that will transcend time and space! Make way for the World's Greatest Heroes: Batman, Green Lantern, The Atom, Green Arrow, Donna Troy, The Guardian, Cyborg, Mon-El, Starfire, Dr. Light and even Congorilla. Collects issues #38-43. 

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20 Septembre 2011
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22 Juillet 2014
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