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Lady Liberty Vol. 2: Thirteen Colonies

Lady Liberty
Tome 2: Thirteen Colonies
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Secrets of state, espionage, plots and treasons, duels with swords and scathing retorts… The wind of change is going to lead Lady Liberty towards the thirteen colonies. American colonists dream about freedom, and she is going to bring them a Revolution. To avenge her mother, Lya of Beaumont swore to bring down the crowns of both Louis XVI and George III.
A wind of revolution starts to blow on the world – a wind that is going to inflate the sails of the "Sally Brown" and carry Lya, Lady Gage, and the schemer Beaumarchais towards Colonies.
America is in rebellion and has become a powder keg. A mere spark would make it explode. And Lya is this spark!

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5 Septembre 2018
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