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Legendary Star-Lord Vol. 4: Out Of Orbit

Legendary Star-Lord
Tome 4: Out Of Orbit
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Collects Star-Lord (2015) #6-8; Avengers (1963) #28, 51, 174.

Star-Lord and Star-Lady, sitting in a tree — no more! That's right, the engagement of the galaxy is over! But Peter Quill and Kitty Pryde still have to share a ship...and work...and friends...and…yeesh. This is going to get awkward! Fortunately, they're surrounded by caring, communicative teammates like…Drax…and Groot…and Rocket…hoo boy. But when their legendary breakup captures the Collector's imagination, can Peter and Kitty put aside their differences and make it out of his clutches alive? It's a cosmic conundrum that could make their split seem like a honeymoon! Plus: The Collector takes on the Avengers in three classic tales!

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135 Pages
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19 Octobre 2016
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12+ Uniquement
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