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Machine Teen: History 101001

Machine Teen: History 101001

Machine Teen: History 101001
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Collects Machine Teen #1-5.

Meet Adam Aaronson - the ideal teenager. Straight "A" student. Captain of the West Tech football team. Smart. Handsome. Charismatic. Every boy wants to be him. Every girl wants to be with him! But after a series of debilitating seizures, Adam makes a discovery that will shake his very reality to the core: the fact that he isn't real at all! Join Adam as he begins to decrypt the truth about his origins and what it truly means to be human! It's not easy being the perfect teen ... even when you're BUILT that way!

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Nombre de Pages
124 Pages
Date de Sortie numérique
30 Novembre 2017
Âge conseillé
12+ Uniquement
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