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"Made Monsters": 1

"Made Monsters": 1

"Made Monsters": 1


Biological machines had been around a long time, but when people started changing themselves that the revolution came. War devastated the territory which is now the dominion of the God Kings. The last surviving child from a destroyed town struggles to survive amid "machines" roaming wild; trucks and toasters growing feral and vicious. A young priest in a world of "Made Monsters".
"Crazy stuff... Like manga morphing into art comics."
Charles Forsman -End of the F****ing World, I Am Not Okay With This
"A lot of fun to read."
Farel Dalrymple - Prophet, Proxima Centauri, Pop Gun Wars, The Wrenchies
(Do you love indie and alt comix? Here's a sci-fi/fantasy monster fighting comic drawn in watercolor! Enjoy!)
(This book was originally drawn at the Cyberpunk Apocalypse writers' project in Pittsburgh, PA.)