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The Crow Midnight Legends Vol. 2: Flesh & Blood

The Crow Midnight Legends
Tome 2: Flesh & Blood
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In the midst of a rural land-rights struggle, Iris Shaw is a federal conservation officer who is murdered in a bombing by a rag-tag band of right-wing activists. Little do her killers know that Iris wasn't their only victim, and now, with the help of the Crow, Iris must exact vengeance for her own death, and that of her unborn baby. Raised from her grave and armed with cold-blooded hatred and a few deadly weapons, Iris hunts down her killers one by one. But if exacting ultimate pain is the goal, when does vengeance cross the line to brutality? And what is the price of the soul?

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105 Pages
Date de Sortie Papier
24 Octobre 2012
Date de Sortie numérique
21 Novembre 2012
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15+ Uniquement
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