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The Devil's Panties Vol. 5

The Devil's Panties
Tome 5
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The Devil's Panties is an online comic which chronicles the life of Jennie as she travels to conventions, pretends to be an adult and has random adventures.

What's random? Chasing men in kilts with leafblowers, playing with trebuchets, helping fire breathing dragons, avoiding bear vomit and inappropriately exposing world famous authors.

Join our flame-booted heroine in this fifth compilation as she gives romance another shot and deals with villains both notorious and mundane.

The printed volumes include redrawn and edited content along with commentary, incriminating evidence(photos) and all new strips not found on the website.

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Nombre de Pages
238 Pages
Date de Sortie numérique
29 Avril 2015
Âge conseillé
17+ Uniquement
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