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The Dream of Jerusalem Vol. 3: The White Spear

The Dream of Jerusalem
Tome 3: The White Spear
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The slow, bloody Crusader advance
continues towards Jerusalem. Endless sieges
in ruthless massacres, the army driven
by Karlis, the Black Live, undergoes heavy losses.
Hermance does no more miracles, Karlis no
longer arouses them at home. A dark rivalry has
settled between the two men, since
Istvana, the princess of Tafurs, abandons Karlis
in favor of Hermance.
Will the last acts of the tragedy of Karlis,
Istvana and Hermance set in place the faith
of Karlis resist the onslaught of hatred
and madness, whose shadow attaches more and
more closely to his footsteps? The sky of Jerusalem
seems very dark, the dream becomes a nightmare of
blood, tears and death ...
Philippe Thirault poses implacably his pawns,
none of the three heroes will come out unscathed.
Led by a master's hand, the intrigue drives to its
climax the passionate love, the
mystical exaltation , the murderous madness and the hatred that ends
up blinding the one that faith should have guiding.
As for the drawing of Lionel Marty, it is
uncompromising: the violence of the combats, like the
violence of the feelings are returned with a
truth that nothing attenuates.

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