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The No Ones

The No Ones

The No Ones


The No Ones is the story of a team of self-indulgent corporate-sponsored super heroes that lose everything they built their lives around. They are cursed to insignificance. They lose their money, their fans, their reputation, their place in history, everything that
they thought made them heroes. It's as if they never
lived at all.
Everything they do is forgotten. And in losing everything, in having their metaphysical faces and souls slammed into the dirt, they get the opportunity to become more than they ever dreamed. The pain will transform some of them into the very heroes they might
always have been. Others, though, will be changed into something darker than before, something startlingly hollow and utterly evil. And where once these heroes thought they were friends, they will face each other, in the end, in a battle no fan will ever forget.
NO ONES digs deep into an issue that gnaws and eats away at every human life - and how to deal with suffering and pain when it comes. How to let it
transform each of us into something more than we are right now.