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The Phantom Stranger (2012-2014) Vol. 3: The Crack in Creation

The Phantom Stranger (2012-2014)
Tome 3: The Crack in Creation
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With the Justice League missing and the villains in control, Phantom Stranger finds himself with the Justice League Dark in an attempt to stop FOREVER EVIL by destroying the very embodiment of evil -- EVIL ITSELF! Phantom Stranger, Pandora, Swamp Thing, Constantine, Nightmare Curse and Deadman find themselves in a different plane of existence trying to destroy the very embodiment of evil. But to stop the Crime Syndicate, Deadman must possess the Sea King's body and strike an unholy truce with him if they are going to make it out alive! Collects TRINITY OF SIN: PHANTOM STRANGER #12-22 and TRINITY OF SIN: FUTURES END #1.

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252 Pages
Date de Sortie Papier
20 Janvier 2015
Date de Sortie numérique
20 Janvier 2015
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12+ Uniquement
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