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The Taming Of Tyler Kincaid Vol. 4: The Barons

The Taming Of Tyler Kincaid
Tome 4: The Barons


Caitlin McCord is riding her horse when she almost crashes into a strange man trespassing on her family’s ranch. She tries to kick him out, but she’s thrown off by his gorgeous eyes and forceful yet friendly nature. The man, Tyler Kincaid, can’t explain to Caitlin his reason for needing to talk to the ranch’s owner. He accepts a job on the ranch, but everything he does is a mystery. Who exactly is Tyler Kincaid and what does he want?

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Nombre de Pages
128 Pages
Date de Sortie Papier
12 Novembre 2020
Date de Sortie numérique
12 Novembre 2020
Âge conseillé
15+ Uniquement
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