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Wahoo Morris

Wahoo Morris

Wahoo Morris


WAHOO MORRIS is a contemporary urban fantasy about 3 friends who form a rock and roll band and the mysterious girl they recruit on lead vocals.
Idiosyncratic band Wahoo Morris is quickly earning a reputation as one of the finest new groups on the local indie music scene. Made up of three long-time friends - Sebastien 'Bash' Mcelroy on lead guitar, Chas Underwood on bass, and Arnie Ginsberg on drums - the quartet is filled out by the vocals of newcomer Alicia Baird.
Although Gelling with the band musically, the shy and quiet singer has had trouble fitting in off-stage with the tight-knit group of old friends.
Alicia also has a secret. The 'magic' she creates with her music isn't the only kind of magic she has at her command!
A tale of Rock 'n Roll, life, love, heartbreak... and magic!