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Between the end of the 80's and the beginning of the 90's, a small apartment in the North Zone of Sao Paulo shook with the chatter, screams, the tinkling of glasses and bottles and the boombox at its highest volume.
Mixed with the sound of guitars, drums and bass, words had to be guessed amongst sips and puffs from smoking mouths.
There were new packs of cigarettes, alcohol and records constantly being added into the combustion that burned throughout the night.
And it all happened again by the end of every week.
A few came back and brought friends who brought other friends, and some came back the next month.
Some took a long while to come back and some didn't come back at all.
Until one day, no one returned.
I didn't either.
But I still remember a lot of things and talked to a lot of people.
Now, everything I know about some of them is in this book.
My 80's memory lane.